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Are Indians proud of Narendra Modi? If yes, then why? If not, why not?


Are Indians proud of Narendra Modi


Dilip Borad :

Yes! Because


  • He speaks and uses his own brain to think(Not like some other Indian PMs).
  • He didn’t request for Visa when America rejected it few years ago.America requested him to have a visit.

He said

“I will make such a wonderful India that all Americans will stand in queue to get a Visa of India.”


  • The Prime Minister of Japan follows only 4 people on Twitter, Narendra Modi is one of them.
  • He has given a free hand to the Indian army in case of attacks by Pak Army and to attack their checkposts on the LoC. This basically conveys Pak that India is not at all weaker!
  • He respects Indian traditions and cultures.(He was on a fast on the account of Navratri festival and still he reverberated Madison Square with his speech.)
  • “Chaiwala” to PM…Hats Off….Amazing will power!
  • Narendra Modi becomes the only PM of India whose’s mother is alive at the time,one was elected as PM.

Narendra Modi And His Mother Maniba


I would just like to say that

“We could never be ‘proud’ as such of Indian government for past 60 years. Modi-The Man has done many good deeds as an Indian Citizen & CM if not PM. So as an Inspirational Personality not only Indians but many people throughout the world do feel proud of him for his efforts so far!”



Narendra Modi


Chetan Vora : 

First of all I would like to say we should stop questioning about him and his work. He is one of the finest Prime Minister India ever had. Trust me he has given a lot to us already, and personally I felt really good as he his working hard to increase the standard of technology and connecting us with technology.

Now what should I say how he mad us proud, well starting initiatives like Swachh Bharat Mission Urban which is helping to make our country more clean and green. But it is not his fault if we say that this Abhiyaan is not the solution. As we are mainly responsible for making our country not cleaner and greener.

Jan Dhan Yojan it helped out the rural areas people, who says that only Congress take care of the poor peoples. Modi has such great plans for them also to provide their family a financial safety.

And Starting missions like Make In India, ever heard that other Parties ever tried to do something like that, he is serious to achieve his target. We should give him a proper time, as Rome Was Not Built In A Day, I have faith on him and most of us have faith on him. We should start respecting our Prime Minister, instead to finding out mistakes and flaws. The problem with us is that whenever someone tries to achieve the thing that others cannot achieve they’ll try their level best that others also could not achieve the same. The other parties are just distracting him and misleading the citizens of India that future of India is not in the safe hands.

By launching Digital India and Startup India, he is giving us a path to interact and learn technology more and more to make our life easier. Providing many things online not only save our time and money but also provide proper information about many things.

Providing facilities for emerging startups and innovations he is motivating the youth of India to do some extra-ordinary things. Most of the entrepreneurs are happy after the schemes launched in Startup India.

He’s doing his level best to improve our GDP and not only that by visiting different countries He had made deals on many projects and also making India as a global brand. Building smart cities and starting work for bullet trains what could you ask more than that from him, and we all know that list does not ends up here.

I feel Proud that our country’s Prime Minister is Mr. Narendra Modi.


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